014. Empowering your body with Deanne Vincent

  Deanne Vincent is a Women’s Empowerment Coach who specializes in helping women stop letting their health issues & secret body battles hold them back from living and loving fully! After her 8th surgery a spark was lit within her to no longer settle and found a whole new “normal”. She believes that women with an […]

013. Being more than your business with Indigo Colton

  Indigo Colton works with business owners who are struggling in the day-to-day operations of their business to create simple, empowering systems. Her mission to create empowering systems all began when she started her virtual assistant business in 2014 and saw first-hand how many creative business owners were struggling. Now she’s here to take what […]

012. Leading with your values with Illiah Manger

Illiah Manger is the creative mind and chief designer behind C&V where she collaborates with daring creative business owners with heart. She works with them to translate their voice into a visual brand full of personality and soul. Illiah wholeheartedly believes in brands that are intimate and designed to tell a story. She is a […]

011. Learning to trust your intuition with Sarah Alford

  Sarah is a brilliant virtual assistant and online business manager who works with successful online entrepreneurs who have hit a ceiling in terms of what they can achieve by themselves. She is an out of the box thinker, solution finder and all-round heart centred sidekick you never thought existed. She helps you leverage your […]

010. Staying accountable with Megan Taylor Morrison

Megan Taylor Morrison is a creative, entrepreneur, and professional coach who works with clients across the globe to reach their goals in life and business. She founded her coaching business and her company Dance Adventures simultaneously and has grown both businesses by more than 50 percent each year. In her private coaching practice, Megan works […]