019. SummerSession: Making choices from Essentialism

Today I have something pretty special, the first episode of the Summer Session Series. Throughout the summer you’ll be served short & sweet episodes with nuggets of wisdom from my favorite books, teachings and inspiring people! This one is about one of my favorite life, business and leadership books: Essentialism by Greg McKeown. Enjoy! Lisette van […]

018. Writing and speaking your book with Jodi Brandon

  Jodi Brandon has more than 20 years’ experience in book publishing. After many years working in traditional publishing, Jodi’s passion these days is working as a book editor and writing/publishing coach for creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who want to up-level their business with a book.   Find Jodi Here Website: www.jodibrandoneditorial.com Facebook page: facebook.com/jodibrandoneditorial Instagram: […]

017. Turning your experience into leadership skills with Anna Frandsen

  I’m Anna. Lover of green tea, and radical optimist dedicated to helping you stand out from the competition and connect with your dream clients so you can reach more people with your heart-centered message and achieve success – on your own terms. I’m a creative, believer in God, and live in Northern California with […]

016. Leading with grace and vulnerability with Lynsey Landry

  Lynsey Landry is an Intuitive, Energy Healer, & Spiritual Business Mentor for heart and soul centered women who are ready to ditch burnout so they can deepened their success with ease. ​Lynsey uses a holistic & soulful approach to business and works with her clients on a deep soul and energetic level to help them to trust their intuition and move through fears, blocks, […]

015. Creating success with your feminine sexuality with Ute Benecke

Ute Benecke is a pleasure coach. Her passion is to help women to overcome fear, shame and inhibitions so that they are liberated and can have a fulfilled and nourishing sex life which empowers them and feels just so good and juicy. Sexuality is the biggest life force you have and it can totally transform […]