The Partnership

For ambitious leaders who want to shorten their timeline, big time.

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to step up and make an impact without the stress, hassle or burn out, here’s the truth:

It’s really possible to make more than enough  

money and time for the things that really matter.

Like finally taking that super well-deserved vacation, spending more time with family & friends and be the inspiration to others you know you can be.

Let me show you how.

Here’s the not-so-sexy truth.

I just couldn’t do it anymore as I crashed – completely drained and exhausted – on the couch at 5PM one too many times… I was too stressed out, pushing myself too hard and I was not letting myself off the hook unless I achieved my “next big thing” (preferably yesterday)

Hi, I’m Lisette, and like you, I’m a high-achiever. I want to do the right things and I want to do them really well. I tried making it work through all the noise and advice that is out there in the entrepreneurial community – must do “this” and should do “thats”. But what people don’t tell you about this entrepreneurial world… is that there is so much advice, and so many strategies that end up sucking the energy and joy out of you. Leaving you with no results… and that’s not what you signed up for. 

What I’ve learned through all my own challenges, failures and experience is how to help myself and other entrepreneurs create tailored high performance strategies that work for them, so they can shorten their timeline, big time. 

No cookie cutters, no one-size-fits-all. Just you, your business and your challenges. I’m here to help you discover how you can work smarter, shorten your timeline to success and create exponential results while you’re at it. It’s not rocket-science, and I’m here to help you make it work. 

in this partnership, you will
grow, inspire and impact.

You don’t have to go at it alone, and you can build on a powerful framework.



for ambtious entrepreneurs and founders who want grow their business, inspire the people around them and have a positive impact through their business.

Here’s what we’ll be working on during our time together.


Your success starts between your ears. Develop high performance strategies so you always know how to move forward to make the biggest impact.

Create a crystal clear vision to know exactly where you’re going, and what you have to do to get there so you can grow your business with ease

Uncover your guiding values so you know what is most important and can make decisions without worrying for days and doubting yourself

Master your mindset and stop the worry so you’ll never have to doubt yourself, your skills or your inevitable success so you feel confident you can create it, no matter what

Develop a powerful relationship with money so you feel confident in your ability to charge for your services

Identify your “mental blocks” that stop you from creating the success you really want so you can start creating massive breakthroughs


Simplify your strategies and create momentum in your business. Confidently influence those around you, with ease and integrity.

Confidently and powerfully present your services and fees when pitching a potential client or investor so they say YES

Create an intentional schedule that will support you in finding and keeping your work-life balance

Learn how to create boundaries and manage client expectations so you finally feel in control of your inbox + schedule

Influence your clients, leads and followers through powerful (and simple) visibility strategies that feel good

Leverage your strengths so you can double, triple or quadruple your success by focusing on what works

Move past any obstacle you find on your way to success so you don’t have to doubt yourself

Develop smart strategies for your to-dos in your business so you become the master of your now seemingly never ending to-do list


Expand your impact beyond simply increasing the bottom line of your business. Time, revenue and integrity are at the core of your impact.

Create new strategies that are tailored to you, rather than following other peoples “magic success formulas”

Create a great work-life balance and know exactly how to master your calendar for the day, week or month so you can free up well-deserved time

Scale your business through systems, offers and strategies that work for you so you can make more impact and money in less time

Create a peak performance strategy so you can “flip a switch” and get more done in less time

Keep your momentum going through powerful high performance strategies so you can go on like a powerhouse even after our work together ends

when you grow, inspire and impact, your success is inevitable.
And no - it doesn't have to take forever.

Are you ready for the partnership that will
change you & your business?

This Partnership is for you if:

  • You’re a an ambitious entrepreneur, executive or founder.
  • You’ve experienced your first successes and they gave you a taste of what’s possible – and THAT’s what you want.  
  • You want to release the day to day stress and feel powerful and in control – basically, you own this thing
  • You’re done with doing ALL THE THINGS, and ready to take back control of your days, weeks and months.
  • You’re no longer willing to settle for just enough – personally, professionally and financially
  • You’re ready to invest in the support you want.

This Partnership is not for you if:

  • You believe there is a magic pill for success that solves all your challenges and problems instantly
  • You think things are perfectly fine as-is and don’t want anything else
  • You want to stay comfortable, and are not up for trying something new
  • You don’t want to take full responsibility for your success
  • You want to keep on hustling long hours continuously
  • You like running around in circles, burnt out, exhausted and frustrated

Are you ready to get started?

If you decide this is for you, here are the logistics to our partnership.

  • 12 55-60 minute personalized, high level private coaching sessions
  • Private office hours for laser coaching between sessions
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • A deep-dive kickstart module to set yourself up for success
  • Tools and resources specifically selected for you during the coaching

Your investment: €6000 
Or six monthly installments of €1000
(Includes 21% BTW/VAT + Your investment is deductible as a business expense)

Apply for a discovery session now to see what’s possible.

Please note: I currently have limited space in my practice, and only take on clients who are an excellent fit for this Partnership. Apply for a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit, and how to get started.