The Partnership

You know it’s your time.
Your mindset, skillset & toolset are about to level up.
This Partnership is about you getting exactly what you want.

You’re a busy entrepreneur or executive.

You’re driven, ambitious and resourceful.
But you doubt yourself sometimes, more often than you’d like to admit.

You are passionate about what you do, and why you do it.
But you feel like there is more than being passionate about your work.

You value success, but not at the cost of your sanity.
And you know you get stuck in the day to day of business which is keeping you from being the successful leader you know you are.

You are an action taker at heart, and you make things happen.
But there are big things that you are afraid to take on, like speaking on a big stage, pitching a big investor or stepping up as the (thought) leader in your industry

You have already created success, and you know what it takes.
But you know success isn’t a set path, and that every level has a new devil.

You don’t need help, but know that creating a powerful mindset, skillset and toolset is essential to level up.
And yet, you know that what got you to this level, won’t get you to the next.

Because you’re the type of person who doesn’t settle for anything less than greatness.

Let’s partner up, so you can level up.
So we can take out the “buts” and create a life worth living, and a business worth leading.
Because you deserve effortless and meaningful success in your life and business.


My name is Lisette van der Valk and I help ambitious entrepreneurs & executives develop the mindset, skillset and toolset for effortless and meaningful success through coaching and energizing experiences.


Getting down to business

With my clients, I work on three things that impact all aspects of your life & business:

Mindset, Skillset & Toolset

By working on these three aspects, it allows you to shorten your timeline for meaningful success, and it makes sure you receive all you need to feel fully supported in your journey.

Here are some examples of what mindset, skillset and toolset may look like in our Partnership. Every experience is tailored, so if your intended result isn’t listed, do not worry.

– Create a crystal clear vision to know exactly where you’re going, and what you have to do to get there so you can grow your business with ease
– Uncover your guiding values so you know what is most important and can make decisions without worrying for days and doubting yourself
– Create your unique leadership style so you can lead your business and life like a CEO and grow your business with ease
– Find your true strenghts so you can learn how to leverage them
– Master your mindset and ditch the worry so you’ll never have to doubt yourself, your skills or your inevitable success so you create it, no matter what
– Develop a powerful relationship with money so you feel confident in your ability to charge for your services
– Identify your “mental blocks” that stop you from creating the success you really want so you can start creating massive breakthroughs

– Confidently + powerfully present your services and fees when pitching a potential client so they are ready to say YES
– Create an intentional schedule that will support you in finding and keeping your work-life balance
– Learn how to create boundaries and manage client expectations so you finally feel in control of your inbox + schedule
– Step up on stage and deliver a presentation of a lifetime so you are seen as a leader in your field
– Leverage your strenghts so you can double, triple or quadruple your success by focusing on what works
– Move past any obstacle you find on your way to success so you don’t have to doubt yourself
– Develop a smart strategy for your to-dos in your business so you become the master of your now seemingly never ending to-do list

– Discover & utilize the digital (and not so digital) tools that help you stay on top of your game
– Create new strategies that are tailored to you, rather than following other peoples “magic success formulas”
– Have a good relationship with time, and know exactly how to master your calendar for the day, week or month
– Experience exercised and games that will create new results in your life & business
– Know exactly what you need to establish a powerful personal brand, and know how to powerfully lead it
– Create a peak performance strategy so you can “flip a switch” and become more efficient and effective than ever

Who is this for?

This Partnership is for you if:

– You’re a more experienced entrepreneur or executive
– You know what it takes to create success, but want to do it differently.
– You want to feel powerful, in control and grounded.
– You’re done with doing ALL THE THINGS, and ready to step it up.
– You’ve waited for too long to get support, and are done waiting around
– You’re ready to invest in the support you need.

This Partnership is not for you if:

– You are looking for someone to save you from your challenges
– You want the magic pill for success
– You do not want to create change in your life
– You don’t want to have effortless & meaningful success in your life and business
– You want to stay comfortable, and are okay with average or mediocre leadership
– You do not want to invest in your success

Getting started

The partnership consists of:

– Six months of biweekly high level private coaching (Twelve sessions)
– Six months of optional biweekly private office hours for laser coaching between sessions
– Six months of unlimited email support between sessions
– A deep-dive kickstart module to set yourself up for success
– Tools and resources specifically selected for you during the coaching

Your investment: €6000 
(Or six monthly installments of €1000)

Want to find out if this partnership would work for you?
Apply for a complementary session now!

Please note: I currently have limited space in my practice, and only take on clients who are an excellent fit for this Partnership.