Make a change.
Make a difference.
Make it matter.

Coaching, mentorship and consulting for ambitious humans, entrepreneurs and CEO’s who are making the world a better place by bringing their brilliance.

I’m not your average coach.

There are plenty of people who can teach you the shortcuts and fast tactics that you’ve likely heard before. I’m the coach for people who are truly willing to understand instead. The coach for people who would rather do it right than trying to do the things other people say they should do to be successful. The support you need, that actually works for you + your business.

Why I love coaching.

Because if you have the right coach for you, magic happens. You make the change, you make the difference, and you make it matter – to you. And that has an extraordinary impact on your life, your business, your relationships and beyond. Some things you can create through working with me – just to name a few: 


Create lasting confidence in yourself and your abilities, in a truly authentic way.


Increase your performance & effectiveness in life and work without doing more.


Improve your communication skills in your personal and professional life.


Develop a healthy work-life balance that gives you room to breathe.

Are you ready to finally get what you always wanted?

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Hi, I’m Lisette.

I’m a life & business coach, consultant, facilitator, candle enthusiast & candle maker at Quietly Quirky. On a more personal level – I’m a tech geek, an alto in choir and hide a secret stash of my favorite candy bars in the back of my pantry. (I just love Nuts bars so much!)

Want to get in touch? Try my email: 

Things you should know.

Multipassionate entrepreneurship

I started my first business at age 19, and love working on several projects at the same time. (Current count: 3)

Dutch directness, it really is a thing.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I’ll tell you like it is. No fluff, just what it is. We don’t like wasting time, getting to the heart of it!

Professional believer in people

My favorite title one of my clients once gave me. It’s true, and it’s a way of life – seeing the best in others.

What I actually do for you

I help you figure out how you work and what works for you, so you can make your life and business work for you – changing the world with your brilliance.

My formal training credentials

University of Groningen (MA), Co-Active Training Institute, Relational Leadership Academy, just to name a few.

The Menu.

Here’s how I serve my clients.

The Partnership.

The Partnership is truly that: a coaching and thinking partnership between you and I. Thought provoking sessions, creating the insight and accountability to help you move forward. I’m your partner in (not-so) crime.

The Mastermind.

A small group of entrepreneurs coming together with one purpose: great minds thinking alike, supporting each others growth. I believe you can go fast alone, but together you’ll go far. Ready to uplevel like never before, in great company?

The Mentor.

Starting a coaching, consulting, or other service based business? With over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, I’m happy to guide you as you take your first steps as an entrepreneur. This brings together coaching, consulting and mentoring for best results.

The Consultant.

Not sure how to fix that one problem, and couldn’t find the answer on Google? Want to pick my brain when it comes to my coaching, marketing or business expertise? Custom consultancy packages, to support you in finding what works for you and your business. 

Happy clients.

Curious? Let’s talk.

No strings attached – just a moment to align. A strategy session is to experience what it’s like, and to clarify what you need, and if I’m the right person to support you. It’s a prerequisite for any work we might do together, as I highly value alignment, and a “hell yes” is required to start working together.