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Did you know that 85% percent of your success is created between your ears? With the One Minute Mindset Method you can finally master your mindset with a simple, repeatable process, and it starts with just one minute.

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If not now… then when?

How much longer are you willing to wait to finally get what you really want?

I see you. Or better yet, I see your ambition and desires from miles away.
They light up your life, they inspire you to take the big leaps in business and guide your decisions.
And yet, your business isn’t yet where you want it to be.

If we haven’t met – my name is Lisette van der Valk, and here’s what I know about being successful after being in business for over ten years:
You don’t need more training. You don’t need Facebook Ads. And helllll no you don’t need a new funnel.
You don’t need the courses, shiny objects and other things that everyone says you must have to be successful. (really!)

You simply need to work on the asset that makes the money, creates the impact and inspires the world.
You need to master the asset that matters most: yourself.
Because if you work on your mindset, skillset and toolset, your success is inevitable.

And looking outside yourself for those answers won’t make you successful. (Trust me, I’ve tried)

You deserve a business that gives you More Than Enough money and time for the things that really matter.
No more settling for less.

Not sure where to start? I’m here to help.

Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Lisette van der Valk, your leadership & success coach. I work with passionate, ambitious entrepreneurs, executives and founders on mastering the one asset that actually matters when it comes to being successful in your business: YOU. I'll help you master your mindset, skillset and toolset so you can run a successful and meaningful business while making the money ánd time for the things that really matter.

Because the things that matter deserve more time and attention. I see so many entrepreneurs and executives like you, working long days, trying the "guaranteed successful thing" for your business, only to find yourself in doubt and burnt out. But you know what? There really is a better way.

As the creator of the More Than Enough Movement and the One Minute Mindset Method, I am on a quest to help entrepreneurs create More Than Enough, so they can be successful in their business and in their life. Are you ready to join me?

Let's shorten your timeline and skyrocket your results. Ready, set, go!
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Kind words from real entrepreneurs & executives

  • Before my intensive with Lisette, I was looking for guidance on what the next steps in my business should be. Lisette helped me figure that out, always directing me inward, making me look at my core motivations and helping me find the answers inside. I now am more aware of my own capabilities and what stops me from taking my business further.

    Jana Krizanova Customer Experience Manager and Virtual Assistant
  • While working with Lisette I booked two clients in two weeks! I was able to clarify my services, offerings, and ideal clients. And I created confidence knowing I’m on the right path, I’m doing what I was made to do, and everything will work out. I would recommend Lisette to any other online entrepreneur who is looking for a coach!

    Megan Powell Designer & Photographer
  • After one intensive Lisette already triggered so much growth in me. I'd strongly recommend working with her if you're ready to make leaps in growth and bust through mindset blocks. I can more readily distinguish the different voices in my head -- especially the one wanting to keep me safe but stuck from the one ready to change my life. Lisette's super power is clearly getting straight to the core of mindset blocks. She was both direct and nurturing, which is a great balance to find in a coach. I felt supported but also pushed beyond my comfort zone - in a good way.

    Fabiana Nilsson Designer for Female Coaches
  • Lisette didn’t waste any time before diving into what was seriously holding me back in my business. She did it from such a safe and liberating place where I felt truly cared for and supported but more importantly — empowered about my business. In less time than I ever expected I got clear about exactly where I was, why I wasn’t where I wanted to be (yet!), and what I needed to make happen in order to fly. The best part was that Lisette coached in such a way that I’ll never lose sight of the transformation I had, so I never stop flying! Thank you Lisette, for the belief and power that changed my business and my life!

    Deanne Vincent Love Coach